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Khyati Institute of Science, affiliated to Gujarat University is a nourishing and flourishing branch of Khyati Foundation to impart the best possible bachelor’s science degree course education to the most deserving of scholars wanting to pursue their education and career path in the field of Science. The college is well equipped with facilities, infrastructure, and quality teaching staff to offer its students one of the finest experience and exposure in acquiring the latest syllabus and knowledge in basic and applied subjects viz. Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Physics.


Chemistry is that physical science which includes the study of a range of matters such as atoms, crystals, molecules and many other collections of matters. It also involves the concepts of energy and entropy that are related to the spontaneity of various chemical processes. Chemistry graduates have various opportunities and bright career. The course explores them to opt for either further education as well as job oriented scopes in developing arena such as pharmaceutics, drug designing, industrial approaches etc.


Physics can be thought of as the science of motion. From the smallest subatomic particles to the largest and most distant galaxies. Physics underlies many great inventions of modern technology like the computer, cell phones, lasers etc. After graduation in physics, a career in applied physics or research in the elements of physics can be thought of. Super specialization in any of the branches of physics is also feasible.


Mathematics is as old as civilization itself with the creative enterprise that captivates usefulness and fascinates human imagination since ancient time. Mathematics is used by all individuals in everyday life. In science, mathematics is an essential tool for nearly all scientific studies. Mathematics is a recognized professional career and is among the top career choices made by students having general interests in calculations who opt for Mathematics as a career.


B.Sc in Microbiology is a wide programme. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms-bacteria, protozoal parasites, viruses and fungi. These organisms can only be seen under the microscope but despite their size, these micro-organisms, or microbes for short, have a massive impact on our lives. The scope in this field is immense due to the involvement of microbiology in many fields like medicine, pharmacy, diary, industry, clinical research, water industry, agriculture, chemical technology and nanotechnology. There is an increase in demand for microbiologists in India and globally.


A career in Botany might just be one of the most preferred careers in India. Botany as a subject is related to the study of plants and a career in it would mean studying in depth about fungi, algae, plants, diseases, growth, metabolism and structure between different groups. After doing B.Sc. in Botany, the job profile can include the study of plants, research, working with industries, teaching, self-employment, and being a part of many more fields.


Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advance healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and environment control. Students are showing tremendous interest in biotechnology. The primary reason behind this interest emerges from the fact that the technical and procedural application of biotechnology touches a vast array of disciplines.

This, in turn, opens a lot many job portals for students who are seeking a stable career in their life. Biotechnology, along with its many sub-fields, finds use in so many applications that many new fields have and are being derived from within it. After doing B.Sc. in Biotechnology prospects in the direction of research academics and industrial approaches are open to toggle further.


Biochemistry is a branch of science which deals with the chemistry of living organisms and that of their biological processes. People of are in the field of Biochemistry are often referred to as Biochemists. It is their job to study the structures and functions of enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, the process of metabolism and the molecular basis of the action of genes also form a part of biochemistry. Today the field is gaining momentum and importance because of its ability to make significant contributions towards illumination and grasping of the biomolecules of the cell.

Mostly biochemists have involved in research related works. Biochemists can choose from a variety of specializations and almost all the specializations require good research techniques and the ability to combine and analyze information.

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